CONSUME by Kourtnea Hogan: Cover Reveal; Preview; Street Date

Readers are gonna eat this one up

Today is Monday, February 7th and today is our second Bizarro Pulp Press showcase. Last week, we covered John Bruni’s newest, which you can see HERE. This week, we are going to take a look at a debut!

CONSUME was written by Kourtnea Hogan. Let’s take a look at that cover, shall we?

Cover art comes from (of course) the one and only Don Noble.

Body horror? Yes! Hair? Oh, my goodness… the hair.

First-time author Kourtnea Hogan delivers a heart-wrenching examination of self-worth and climaxes this narrative with a show-stopping 3rd act that goes full bore into some truly wild body horror. And that comes on top of the slow-burn horrors simmering from the opening pages of this novella. Let’s just say that it is all right there in the title.

Now, let’s tease you with a little excerpt. Just a taste, you might say…

“She sat on the toilet seat and cradled her head in her hands. She wanted Rileigh’s attention, but she didn’t know how to get it back. She couldn’t bear to be dramatic or to express her feelings about the situation. So she’d suffer in silence.

She pulled back the mermaid shower curtain and stiffened. A perfect ball of Rileigh’s hair was still bundled up in the drain. Everything was silent; hyper focused.

She plucked the hairball out and rolled it between her fingers. She hoped some of the shine would stick. She hoped it would sink into her fingers and color her whole body; make her brighter.

But her skin remained the same olive color it had been.

But you’ve already changed so much since you started this. This could be it. This could make you her. No. Make you one.

She checked to make sure the door was locked and sat the ball on her tongue. She turned the water on. Steam rose from the tub floor.

Tegan rolled the ball around in her mouth as she stripped. She stood there for a while, being naked and pure with the ball pressed between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Her nipples hardened.

She swallowed the ball as she stepped into the shower.”

CONSUME takes its time to build to this moment, but once it gets there, you know a line has been crossed and there’s no going back. Like we said, this is just a taste. You will barely be able to guess what the full course is like.

Always a pleasure to help a first-time author. Kourtnea Hogan shows a lot of promise with CONSUME, and it won’t surprise us to see her getting talked about in the indie horror circles. That is to say, we are excited for this book, and we think you will be, too.

We expect CONSUME to release in July! And we will let you know more about it as we approach the street date.

Now, last week, we said we were covering Grant Wamack’s GOD’S LEFTOVERS, but that got swapped out at the last minute. Next week, we promise, we’re getting to that new Wamack.

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