CHROMOPHOBIA Update, January 17, 2020, 2:30PM (Dragnet theme song starts playing)

Come for the Horror, but stay for the outdated pop-culture references!

Nothing is more timely in A.D.2022 than a DRAGNET reference, right? RIGHT?!

Anyway, we are cruising into the back half of January and we are doing it at breakneck speed. Some BPP covers are coming together this week, editing is still happening for CHROMOPHOBIA‘s stories, and soon we will have final word counts, final titles, and a finalized table of contents. Art is ongoing, but we are on track to have all of this ready in time for February and March showcases.

That said, sales for CHROMOPHOBIA in hardcover picked up this month.

The budget for the book is a chonky boi, but we have cleared a quarter of the total cost, thus far. Not bad, but it isn’t exactly blowing down any doors, so to speak. However, the hardcover CHROMOPHOBIA will remain available for order until June 30th, and that is a very good stretch of time. Will it be enough to cover costs, entirely? That, of course, remains to be seen. Realistically, we’d have to sell about ten copies a month between now and July 1st to break even. To be clear, this is only taking hardcover sales into consideration. A trade paperback will be released at Halloween, and a Kindle will be made available next year.

We have a lot going for us, though. We’ve put out some pretty well-regarded books, seen plenty of those books recognized by community peers, and we are always trying to outdo ourselves, as far as our production goes. We think CHROMOPHOBIA may be one of our absolute best-looking books. And it all ready has the talent to back it up. The table of contents is a bit of a beast:

Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

Jo Kaplan

Sonora Taylor

J.B. Lamping

Jaye Wells

Lillah Lawson

Geneve Flynn

Ali Seay

Tiffany Morris

EV Knight

Pippa Bailey

Jess Koch

G.G. Silverman

Christine Makepeace

K.P. Kulski

Christa Wojciechowski

Chelsea Pumpkins

Red Lagoe

Lauren C. Teffeau

Kathryn McGee

KC Grifant

Jacqueline West

Bindia Persaud

Jeanne Bush

Nu Yang

…now that we’ve wetted that whistle, you can PRE-ORDER CHROMOPHOBIA HERE!

As always, we appreciate the support! And remember…

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