CHROMOPHOBIA: Update! but also Vague AF

Our Most Anticipated Release Inches Closer To LIFE

Sara Tantlinger and Nicholas Day have had some back and forth, this morning, and we thought we should share. Give you something to chew on until bigger, better news comes along. Let’s go!

Acceptances are on their way to authors. From the looks of things (and, remember, this could be subject to some amount of change), CHROMOPHOBIA will contain TWENTY-SIX short stories, totaling just shy of 90,000 words. Even in the 6×9 format, CHROMOPHOBIA is gonna be a thick beast of a book.

So, what does one do at this point? Well, there’s some patience and some waiting, because contracts need to come back before anything more can be announced. And, since we are so close to the end of the year, I highly doubt we will be announcing anything prior to the holidays.

Expect authors to be revealed in January! And, more exclusive art for the hardcover edition!

Meanwhile, feel free to pre-order your hardcover HERE.

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