CHROMOPHOBIA Subs Roll In! QUEEN OF TEETH Trade Paperback Has Begun Shipping! News For 2022! News For 2023! So Much Headline!

A big ol' load of news for you to wipe your eyes with

We just dipped into the “strangehouseanthologies” Gmail account and are happy to report that the stories are rolling in. They aren’t an insurmountable mountain… YET. But submissions are open until the end of the month, so there’s plenty of time for us to have a minor anxiety attack. Keep ’em coming, folks! Break our will! Bury us alive with words, please.

And, as previously mentioned, we don’t plan on sitting on these stories for too terribly long. We really want to have this future table of contents locked down by the end of the year. We’ll start pushing CHROMOPHOBIA in January. And, similar to our last few releases, we anticipate Quarter 1 pre-orders for the hardcover, which will begin shipping during summer 2022. Then, the trade paperback will come out just prior to next year’s Halloween, followed by an ebook release soon after.

And that, as they say, is that. There are no other titles scheduled for 2022. And there won’t be any further titles scheduled for 2022. It is CHROMOPHOBIA, party of one (unless some other stuff happens, which we’ll get into further down the article).

Meanwhile, QUEEN OF TEETH is out in the world! We are fielding quite a bit of interest in this particular title, but readers seem to really dig Hailey Piper, so it really isn’t a huge surprise. And we expect to see interest in the book spike a bit, mid-month, when Kirkus runs their feature in an upcoming issue. Much groundwork has been laid and now we can really only sit back and see what happens. Go, book, go!

You can pick up the QUEEN OF TEETH trade paperback edition HERE.

Kindle pre-orders are still going for the remainder of August and you can grab that HERE.

The trade paperback has begun shipping, and we have seen pics popping up here and there on various social media platforms. Always exciting! Icing on the cake, so to speak.

QUEEN OF TEETH is such a great book and we think it’d be dope as heck if you picked up a copy. Throw a review on top of that? Basically makes you a superhero (cape optional, but if you get the chance, go with cape).

So, back to 2022…

Don Noble and Nicholas Day are busy bees (but, like, the big friendly round ones) and one of the things they are busy with, right now, are stepping up the physical production of hardcovers. This side of publishing can be a gamble, as you really don’t know just how much you’re going to like a book until you are holding it in your hands. Purely from a production standpoint, mind you. We will be rolling the dice, shortly, on a run of books and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we really dig the final product.

These “test runs” will be accomplished using Don Noble’s OMENS collection, as well as Nicholas Day’s novella, OCTOBER ANIMALS. If we like the results, then you’ll know because we won’t stop talking about it and showing it off on here and Twitter and the other hellsites.

Production and shipping turnaround times are an unknown, at this moment. However, we hope to see releases for OMENS and OCTOBER ANIMALS before the end of the year. Worst case scenario, one or the other (or both) sees release at the start of next year. Not the worst position to be in, thankfully. So, as we said, CHROMOPHOBIA is the only new release scheduled for 2022, though OMENS and/or OCTOBER ANIMALS may be joining, and it all depends on how the next several months play out.


Now, for news regarding 2023:

As with 2022, there is only a single title being considered, and there will only be a single title. Not only that, but it will be the last title we will be taking on for the foreseeable future. We will continue pushing our cover art and interior illustration production services, and we (currently) still plan on picking up titles for Bizarro Pulp Press. However, Rooster Republic and Strangehouse Books will be taking a publishing hiatus. Please note, this does not mean we are no longer publishing. We like books. But we also like breaks.

This break is a needed one, as this whole operation boils down to the efforts of only two individuals, one of whom really, reallyREALLY… needs to focus on his own work. That particular jerk is none other than Nicholas Day. You can blame him entirely. Acquisitions and editing and art is admittedly pretty great, but it is also incredibly time-consuming work. He has made the unkind decision to practice no small amount of selfishness, by turning his eyes away from the works of others and to his own manuscripts.

Long story short: he’d like to finish at least one or two more books before he dies. Sorry, them’s the breaks!

He plans to use this interim period to finish his long-gestating novel, THE BODY IS A MACHINE THAT MAKES GHOSTS, as well as an as-yet-untitled noir that’s flavored with dark comedy and lycanthropy. Once those are complete (not necessarily published, just finished), he plans on resuming acquisitions and editing for Rooster and Strangehouse.

And, since you’ve been such a good sport and stuck around for this whole mess till the very end, here’s a vague look at 2023:


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