All the CHROMO announcements from March and April in one handy post!

We are coming to the end of our CHROMOPHOBIA hardcover pre-order window. Roughly nine weeks are all that remain. In July, people should be getting their copies, and the last of the books will probably make it to their respective owners before the end of August. If you’re lucky, we’ll stop talking about CHROMOPHOBIA sometime in early 2023.

We’ve spent the last two months showcasing the anthology’s contents, as well as art for the hardcover edition. In May, we plan on revealing the full dust jacket wrap for the hardcover. And, before the end of the month, we will give you a look at the cover to the trade paperback.

We have had talks about whether or not to set up a small pre-order for the trade paperback. Right now, we are leaning towards a tentative “yes” but we won’t really know for sure until the end of May. As it stands, like NOT ALL MONSTERS before it, CHROMOPHOBIA will have a Halloween release. The paperback will retail for $19.95. There are no plans for an e-book release, at this time.

So, for anyone who missed March and April’s announcements, allow us to recap…

Here is the table of contents:

“Rainbow of the Macabre” by Sara Tantlinger

“Hei Xian (The Black Thread)” by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

“Stygian Blue” by Jo Kaplan

“Eat Your Colors” by Sonora Taylor

“Nesting” by Ali Seay

“Toxic Shock” by Chelsea Pumpkins

“Achromatica” by Pippa Bailey

“Hollow Bones” by Jess Koch

“The Gray’ by G.G. Silverman

“Red Light/Green Light” by EV Knight

“Golden Hour” by Kathryn E. McGee

“The Dyer and the Dressmakers” by Bindia Persaud

“The Copper Lady” by Jaye Wells

“Gray Rock Method” by Lauren C. Teffeau

“Double Happiness” by Geneve Flynn

“Tangerine Sky” by Red Lagoe

“The Color of Friendship” by KC Grifant

“The Oasis” by Christa Wojciechowski

“Greetings from Sunny Daytona Beach!” by Christine Makepeace

“From These Cold Murky Depths” by K.P. Kulski

“Bluettes” by Jacqueline West

“Burn the Witch (Red)” by Lillah Lawson

“Hope in Her Devouring” By Tiffany Morris

“Five Stars” by J.B. Lamping

“Wheels” by Jeanne E. Bush

“Elegy” by Nu Yang

Here is the hardcover edition’s interior art:

And, here is the cover art:

This Friday (May 6th), we will showcase the full dust jacket wrap for the hardcover edition, so keep an eye out for that.

As always, we hope you like what you see, and we look forward to giving you more and more in the future!

In the meantime…

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