CHROMOPHOBIA, QUEEN OF TEETH, Bizarro Pulp Press, and The Months Ahead

Everything all at once, and always

Layouts for interior CHROMOPHOBIA artwork are wrapping up. The next step is pen and inks, followed by coloring and final detailing. After that, some post work in digital and then these seven pieces will find their respective places throughout the pages of our upcoming anthology. Exciting times!

We will be featuring the finished interior illustrations throughout the month of March, alongside title reveals and author interviews. Pre-orders for this hardcover edition of CHROMOPHOBIA remain open. You can get a copy HERE.

QUEEN OF TEETH has had a nice push, this week, on the news that the book has made the preliminary ballot for the Stoker, in the “Superior Achievement in a First Novel” category. Always a thrill to see an author’s hard work get rewarded, and many congratulations to Hailey Piper. You can see the entire preliminary list HERE.

February kicks into gear, next week. Similar to previous years, we will be showcasing Bizarro Pulp Press titles throughout the second month of the year. Starting this coming Monday, we will feature one new BPP title a week. Each Monday will have a cover reveal and synopsis, along with a tentative street date. There are five titles coming out from the Journalstone imprint in 2022: HOUSE OF PUNGSU by K.P. Kulski; THE TAXIDERMIED MAN by Jacy Morris; GOD’S LEFTOVERS by Grant Wamack; CONSUME by Kourtnea Hogan; THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HIERONYMUS ALOYSIS ZIEGE, BY HI ZIEGE, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY JOHN BRUNI by John Bruni. We hope readers are looking forward to this eclectic mix of books.

Beyond February and March, what will 2022 bring? Well, CHROMOPHOBIA will be our main point of focus through the spring and summer months. Pre-orders for the hardcover edition will remain open until the end of June. Sometime after that, we will reveal the cover art for the trade paperback. That edition will be available at Halloween.

There will be a second run of promotion for the BPP titles as they approach their respective release dates. These books will go live starting in the summer, with one title releasing per month. The final book in the 2022 BPP roster will see release around Halloween.

In late summer, I imagine our presence will be felt either in spirit or in person at Chicago’s Printers Row festival. We’ve attended in years past, as a press, though neither Don Noble or Nicholas Day have been to the show in person in some time. Hopefully, we can make it up there this year!

Throughout 2022, there will be much art produced, and lots of behind-the-scenes learning. We have picked up new tools to experiment with, as we are always pushing our skills in the book production and art departments. We look forward to setting time aside to test these new toys out, and showing off more of our work.

That leaves Don Noble’s OMENS and Nicholas Day’s OCTOBER ANIMALS. These two titles will be released in 2022, but street dates are TBD as of right now. We will be testing some new waters with these books, utilizing a new (to us) printer, and selling these direct. There will be no Amazon release of OMENS or OCTOBER ANIMALS.

In fact, CHROMOPHOBIA may very well be our last release going to Amazon. We are interested in leaning harder into the specialty market and hardcover releases, which means more direct sales. But, time will tell.

January’s end is upon us, and it looks to be an interesting year.

As always, we thank you for your support.

Cheers to you, readers. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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