CHROMOPHOBIA: Hardcover Sales; Paperback Pre-orders; Cover Reveal

Another fancy design for the horror shelf in your house or crypt or whatever you're currently haunting.

Today is Monday, May 9th, and we are well on our collective way into the month.

Pre-orders for the hardcover edition of CHROMOPHOBIA continue to trickle in. We very intentionally created a longer-than-usual pre-order window for the book. Chalk it up to wanting to experiment, I suppose. That said, what CHROMPHOBIA pre-order sales tell us: don’t bother!

Even though the pre-order window for this new title is several times longer than what we have done for previous hardcover releases, the final tally of pre-order sales looks to be about the same as each previous title, give or take. Now, we won’t know the real, hard numbers till the end of June, but it is easy enough to forecast. Going forward, our pre-order windows will likely be condensed to 2-3 months. Expect us to get more in-depth with those specifics in a later post.

We have decided to go forward with a trade paperback pre-order, as well. For one month, we will open the paperback up to pre-order, but not until after the hardcover pre-order window closes. July is the obvious candidate, though we may wait until August. Details on that pre-order will be made concrete before the end of May, however, so expect an announcement in the next week or two.

In the meantime, we patiently await our physical proofs of the book, and we are very excited to show those off just as soon as they arrive.

As for the trade paperback’s cover design? Well, see for yourself!

Let us know what you think! And thanks for reading.

Hope you are looking forward to the week ahead.

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