CHROMOPHOBIA: Hardcover Edition Pre-orders Begin Nov 1st

ROYGBIV comin' to f*ck you up in 2021

Here we are, the last Monday of October. It’ll be 2021 in no time! And, with that in mind, we plan on staying well ahead of ourselves, next year. So…

The hardcover edition of CHROMOPHOBIA opens to pre-orders starting November 1st.

Like previous releases, the hardcover edition of CHROMOPHOBIA will only be available directly through Rooster Republic Press. The book will be 6×9 inches, with an estimated page count of 300 (give or take). This edition comes with a gloss dust jacket. The hardcover will include exclusive cover art (pictured above), as well as exclusive interior artwork (still in production). We will be offering a very limited numbered edition, as well.

The standard CHROMOPHOBIA hardcover will retail for $76, which includes shipping within the United States. International shipping is possible but extremely prohibitive. If you live outside the United States and wish to purchase a hardcover, please contact us at:

We plan on offering only seven numbered CHROMOPHOBIA hardcovers, the “ROYGBIV” edition, which will include an exclusive signature sheet/art print, a die-cut bookmark, a sticker, and a card. What signature sheet/art print you get will depend on the color you choose: Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo; Violet. These seven books will be first come, first serve. The “ROYGBIV” edition will retail for $90.

Unlike NOT ALL MONSTERS, our previous anthology, CHROMOPHOBIA will only be available during the pre-order window (Nov 1st, 2021 thru June 30th, 2022). As a matter of fact, we plan on discontinuing the NOT ALL MONSTERS hardcover after December 25th, 2021, though the paperback will remain available, as will the forthcoming Kindle edition.

The hardcovers will likely start shipping in late spring or early summer of 2022. A trade paperback edition will become available in October of 2022. The Kindle edition will not be made available until Halloween of 2023.

We’re looking forward to sharing more of CHROMOPHOBIA as production rolls along!

Thanks for reading!

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