CHROMO Countdown: O

Last chance to order a CHROMO hardcover; Kirkus Reviews offers a glowing review; Paperback release; Future submissions!

Today is June 30th, and that means you have until the end of the day to pre-order the special edition of CHROMOPHOBIA. You can place your order HERE.

If you’ve been on the fence and waiting to see some reviews, well, today is your lucky day! You can head over to Kirkus Reviews and read their glowing recommendation of CHROMOPHOBIA. They’ve even been kind enough to give shout outs to several authors and their respective stories. Here’s some of our favorite blurbs:

“…stories featuring delicious twists, eerie creatures, and visceral imagery.”

“…stories that deliver shocks and ghastly plot turns.”

“Extraordinary tales of terror that are as grim as they are delightful.”

-Kirkus Reviews

You can read the full review HERE.

And, for those of you who are waiting on the paperback, it won’t be long before CHROMOPHOBIA is available via online retail or by ordering it through your local bookstore. We will be shooting for an August 1st release date, so only one month to go! We’ve been pushing this title for several months, now, and we are very excited to see and hear what readers think of this wonderful, colorful little book.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a copy and thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to spread the word. We certainly appreciate it, as do the authors and editor and everyone else who has been instrumental in bringing this anthology together.


July is right around the corner, folks. There’s a new THOR movie, a new Jordan Peele movie, some STRANGER THINGS… lots to distract you. So, we thought we’d give you an idea of what we hope to talk about in the month ahead before all this great stuff steals you away:

July 4th: we are going to offer a little “behind-the-scenes” on CHROMOPHOBIA from a business perspective. How much did the book cost? How profitable will it need to be for us to ever consider creating another anthology? Stuff of that nature.

July 11th: we are going to talk about the possibility of running original fiction exclusively on the website. A new short story almost every Monday for a year? We are definitely considering it.

July 18th: we do not have a regular “open submissions” period. Almost everything we have ever published has been via referral or when we have specifically requested manuscripts. But, that might change for a very, very brief window in the future. What will we be looking for? Gonna have to wait till July 18th.

July 25th: we are gonna be tootin’ the CHROMOPHOBIA horn pretty loudly in anticipation of its imminent release.

And, for the last time, you can pre-order your hardcover edition of CHROMOPHOBIA HERE, but only until the end of the today. Come tomorrow, the hardcover shall be no more!

And, remember…

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