CHROMO Countdown: 18

Kathryn McGee serves up some sinister selfies that cut right to the bone in her short story, "Golden Hour"

Today is June 12th, and that means you only have 18 more days to pre-order the special edition of CHROMOPHOBIA. You can place your order HERE.

Today’s story:

“Golden Hour”

by Kathryn E. McGee

In the lobby, employees handed out waivers, asking everyone to sign. Liv flipped through the lengthy document, which covered so many possibilities. Slip-and-fall accidents. Headaches and seizures. A trauma advisory if the museum amplified any “intense or violent thoughts.”

“Yikes. This is a lot,” Liv said. “Should we be worried?”

“Just sign it, whatever,” Bethany said. “You want to take photos for that contest, right?”

Liv nodded, floating her pen above the signature line. Bethany had always been supportive of her photography. Today the museum was having a contest for the best photos to be reposted to their social media, which had millions of followers. If Liv’s shots got reposted, her fledgling business could get a lot of engagement.

“Fine.” Liv shrugged like it was no big deal and signed the waiver.

When they got to the front of the line, they handed in their forms.

“Great, now we just need a pinprick,” the woman at the front desk said. Her nametag read, Hi, my name is Allison and I love unicorns. She held up a needle and smiled.

“What?” Liv said, “why do you need blood?”

“To tailor your museum experience using our proprietary Selfie-3000 technology, which enables room customization. It’s what makes the manifestation possible.”


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