More Cover Art

August is almost over and it’s been a busy month. Commission work soaked up a lot of this last week, but still, new pieces were needed for our stock art selection (click here for our Design Services). I hope you enjoy!


New Cover Art Available

Been a nice productive week so far, with a few commission jobs in the bag and a couple new editions to our stock art section. These covers are only $45, and can be expanded to full jackets for a total of $75. For more info on our design work, check out our Design Services tab from the site menu or click here.

Quality Cover Art with Amazing Prices

Just a reminder that we offer stock art and commission work at criminally low prices. Our pre-made section (part of our Design Services) is updated every week. Covers and full jackets can be purchased for under a 100 bucks. Single images with text are only $45 and full jackets are $75. For not much more, we can create an original work for you.

We already work with a ton of great publishers like Bloodshot Books, Death’s Head Press, Journal Stone and its imprints, and we help serve the indie author as well. If you’re looking for quality work without breaking your bank, we’d love to be of service.

For more information, check our Design Services tab from the site menu or click here.

Cover Reveal for NOT ALL MONSTERS

Ok, we will keep this post short and sweet because we know you’re just here for the good stuff and not our rambling. After a little back-and-forth over the weekend, a front cover was finalized for the upcoming Strangehouse anthology, Not All Monsters. We like it, and we hope you like it, too!

Check it out:

Not All Monsters v2

We won’t have a full wraparound until the interior is finished, which will be awhile as the individual stories are still going through edits, but we wanted to share this with you.

Hope you’re looking forward to the book!


Someone Shot the Hip, Young Conductor

We are very proud to announce Matthew Sunrich’s debut collection Someone Shot the Hip Young Conductor (available on amazon here).

An ode to existential irreverence, absurdity, and surreal, Someone Shot the Hip Young Conductor is filled with Kafka-esque scenarios: universes collide; skeletons play jazz with gorillas; one-armed gravediggers; extremely courteous vampires; trains that wake the dead.

And, of course, Picasso’s painting of Frankenstein’s monster.

19 stories that range from the bizarre to the extremely bizarre, brimming with dark humor and grotesque originality and just a dash of melancholy.

Matthew Stephen Sunrich is a professional organization enthusiast who has cleared out a space of approximately ten square feet to call his own in rural northwest Georgia. He enjoys comic books, sword and sorcery and horror literature, categorizing things for no apparent reason, and dreaming about Jonathan Winters as an antiquing centaur. His inspirations include Monty Python, They Might Be Giants, Richard Brautigan, and H. P. Lovecraft. He has contributed stories to The Strange Edge and The Modern Monarchist and essays to two Star Wars anthologies put out by Sequart. He has also published a book about the fantasy heroine Red Sonja. He is currently collaborating on a sword-and-sorcery novel and is considering writing a book about horror icon Vampirella. His first crush was Smufette.


“Stylistically, he’s a blend of Edward Lee and Jeremy Robert Johnson.”

So sayeth the one and only Brian Keene of one of our most prolific authors, John Bruni.

And, after a brief delay (thanks, Amazon), we are happy to announce that Bruni’s latest, Blood, is now available in paperback! Click HERE and the link will take you to the sales page.

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More horror poetry for Strangehouse Books in 2018 . . .

Sara Tantlinger’s Love For Slaughter was one of Strangehouse Books most popular titles in 2017, so we are definitely excited to show you what she has in store for readers in 2018!

For her follow-up collection, Tantlinger has chosen none other than notorious killer HH Holmes as her inspiration. Here’s a look at the (WIP) cover art:

HH Holmes cover

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