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Strangehouse Books

As of 2019, Strangehouse Books publishes horror fiction exclusively by women.

Queen of Teeth by Hailey Piper – Paperback

“…one of the best horror books of 2021.”-Rue Morgue

“A powerful, beautiful horror story.”-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Within forty-eight hours, Yaya Betancourt will go from discovering teeth between her thighs to being hunted by one of the most powerful corporations in America.

She assumes the vagina dentata is a side effect of a rare genetic condition caused by AlphaBeta Pharmaceutical, decades ago, when she and several thousand others were still in the womb.

But, when ABP corporate goons upend her life, she realizes her secondary teeth might be evidence of a new experiment for which she’s the most advanced test tube . . . a situation worsened when Yaya’s condition sprouts horns, tentacles, and a mind of its own.

On the run and transforming, Yaya may be either ABP’s greatest success, or the deadliest failure science has ever created.

CHROMOPHOBIA: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women of Horror – Paperback

“Extraordinary tales of terror that are as grim as they are delightful.” — Kirkus Reviews

“… clever, unsettling stories … push the boundaries of conventional horror.” — BookLife Reviews

The follow-up anthology to Strangehouse Books’ Stoker-nominated NOT ALL MONSTERS, edited by Stoker Award-winning author and poet, Sara Tantlinger. CHROMOPHOBIA brings together the talents of twenty-five authors, newcomer and veteran writers alike, who explore the role of color in horror and deliver stories that use color in creative, unconventional, and unnerving ways. Featuring stories by: Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito; Jo Kaplan; Sonora Taylor; Ali Seay; Chelsea Pumpkins; Pippa Bailey; Jess Koch; G.G. Silverman; EV Knight; Kathryn E. McGee; Bindia Persaud; Jaye Wells; Lauren C. Teffeau; Geneve Flynn; Red Lagoe; KC Grifant; Christa Wojciechowski; Christine Makepeace; K.P. Kulski; Jacqueline West; Lillah Lawson; Tiffany Morris; J.B. Lamping; Jeanne E. Bush; Nu Yang.

NOT ALL MONSTERS: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women of Horror – Paperback

Strangehouse Books, in association with Rooster Republic Press, is proud to present Not All Monsters, a new anthology of horror fiction, edited by award-winning poet and author, Sara Tantlinger. Women have dealt with monsters throughout countless films, books, media, and certainly in real life. With this anthology, we wanted to give women the chance to take something back, to show their skills and storytelling abilities, but to also create striking stories that resonate profoundly with readers: protagonists who take no shit; women who save themselves; women who slay the beast; women who become the monster.

STORIES BY: Joanna Roye, G.G. Silverman, Stacey Bell, Amy Easton, K.P. Kulski, S.M. Ketcham, E.E. Florence, Briana McGuckin, Annie Neugebauer, Kayleigh Barber, Sam Fleming, Hailey Piper, J.H. Moncrieff, Jessica McHugh, Jennifer Loring, Joanna Koch, Angela Sylvaine, J.C. Raye, Christa Carmen, Juliana Spink Mills, Leslie Wibberley

Fairest Flesh – Paperback by K.P. Kulski

“Deftly mashing together notorious historical figures, feminism, and the grimmest of fairy tales, Fairest Flesh is as brutally horrifying as it is mesmeric. Consider me a K.P. Kulski fan for life.” -Paul Tremblay author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Survivor Song

In 16th century Hungary, there is a story about rage and powerlessness, of beauty and death. A story that not only belongs to the Countess Erszébet Báthory but to every woman. Hoping to leave behind a lonely and abusive childhood, the witch Dorottya sets out to find a new life outside of her solitary woods.Ugliest I’ve ever seen.Habsburg Emperors play puppet of the Hungarian nobles while the Ottoman Sultans encroach ever closer. War and cruelty are ways of life. Women borrow power with their youth and desirability, like nobility and riches, a waning commodity that only some are lucky to have.They’ll see and hate you. Everyone will hate you.Unable to escape the memory of her dead mother, Dorottya discovers a new voice that promises her everything she’s ever wanted.Horrid to look upon.With the falling-sickness worsening, Lady Báthory becomes desperate for power over her own life, crashing headlong into rages and violent outlets. Pretty castle maids go missing leaving behind collections of blood-soaked linens.Make me perfect.As years pass, all of Sárvár town knows that the castle overlooking their homes is a place that swallows the lives of young women.Even the beautiful Anna knows that, but she has as secret and a deep need to find out the truth.

Cradleland of Parasites – Paperback by Sara Tantlinger

Bram Stoker Award-winner Sara Tantlinger delivers her Cradleland of Parasites, a harrowing and darkly gorgeous collection of poetry, chronicling the death and devastation of one of history’s greatest horrors: The Black Plague.

Sara Tantlinger resides outside of Pittsburgh on a hill in the woods. She is the author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning poetry collection, The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes, and the Stoker-nominated novella, To Be Devoured. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, is an active HWA member, and a member of the SFPA. Her other works can be found at saratantlinger.com

When she’s not writing, editing, or working as an English adjunct instructor, she can be found lurking around local graveyards searching for story inspiration. She enjoys stealing the names of the dead and torturing them further in her horror fiction and poetry. Her bloodlust can be satiated by drinking coffee, reading Poe, and petting cats. Find her on Twitter @SaraTantlinger

The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry Inspired by H.H. Holmes – Paperback by Sara Tantlinger

H.H. Holmes committed ghastly crimes in the late 19th century. Many of which occurred within his legendary “Murder Castle” in Chicago, Illinois. He is often considered America’s first serial killer.In her second book of poetry from Strangehouse Books, Sara Tantlinger (Love For Slaughter) takes inspiration from accounts and tales which spawned from the misdeeds of one Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. Fact and speculation intertwine herein, just as they did during the man’s own lifetime. There’s plenty of room in the cellar for everyone in The Devil’s Dreamland.

“…chilling poetry…” —Linda D. Addison, award-winning author of How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award winner

“…morbidly creative and profound crime documentary…one of the best works of horror poetry I’ve read in years.” —Michael Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Grave Markings and Play Dead

“…fascinating and absolutely riveting…powerful and vivid prose…will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.”—Christina Sng, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of A Collection of Nightmares

Love For Slaughter – Paperback by Sara Tantlinger

This debut collection of poetry from Sara Tantlinger takes a dark look at all the horrors of love, the pleasures of flesh, and the lust for blood. For discerning fans of romance and the macabre, look no further than Love For Slaughter.

Slaughtertown Circus – Paperback by K.M. Tepe

Xander is boring. He spends his boring life working for minimal pay (and even less respect) as a data entry clerk. After he’s fired from his job, Xander finds himself lost, poor, and alone; until he meets a stripping clown known only as “Marbles”.

Marbles decides to spice up Xander’s life a bit by sleeping with him, but Xander is unaware that clown sex comes with a very unexpected STD. Xander soon learns that his new friend has an agenda of her own. After the entire clown world, Kermisendia, has gone up in flames, Marbles, the daughter of the Leader of Kermisendia, is sent to the Earthly dimension to gather an army and claim a new home for the species, no matter the cost.

Join Xander, Marbles, and the rest of the extra-terrestrial clown freaks on a big-top adventure through the funhouse mirror as Xander learns that clowns might not really be that funny after all…

Rooster Republic Press

All Hail The House Gods – by Andrew J. Stone


“A joy-ride of a read, Stone has created a compelling morality tale that’s moral lies somewhere in tomorrow’s déjà vu. Funny, sad, stunning in its imaginative realization, Andrew J. Stone’s new novel is as topical, timely, and telling as a Freudian slip.” —Laura Lee Bahr, author of Haunt and Angel Meat

“Andrew Stone writes like a laser beam shot out of a unicorn horn. His books will alter your brain in the best possible way. If an LSD Bible had babies with a hand grenade poetry collection, you’d get what Stone can do. He’s dazzling.” —Brian Allen Carr, author of Sip and Motherfucking Sharks

Long live the House Gods! Author Andrew J. Stone (The Mortuary Monster) envisions a unique dystopia where harmony and happiness means feeding our children to sentient, human-eating houses. Can the House Gods be defeated? One family is about to find out . . .

The Mortuary Monster – by Andrew J. Stone


“Andrew Stone’s The Mortuary Monster hits like a Hammer film. It’s a creepy yarn that opens with a birth scene and ends with you losing your whole fucking mind. Crawl into this coffin with me. Crawl into this coffin forever!” -Brian Allen Carr, author of Opioid, Indiana

“Reading like a cross between The Graveyard Book and High Spirits if both had been written by Terry Southern, The Mortuary Monster is a madcap tumble into that tender place where death and life meet, and then try to eat one another. An odd and provocative book, and a seriously audacious debut.” -Brian Evenson, author of Song for the Unraveling of  the World

It’s Corpse Bride meets Eraserhead despite Gonzalo’s best efforts to live a life like Leave It to Beaver’s.

Gonzalo grew up in the cemetery under the care of his monstrous parents and in the company of decaying corpses. As a result, he only desired one thing throughout his childhood: To be normal enough to join society. But despite his attempts at running away from his family, he has never been able to leave the mortuary…

Alice’s Adventures In Steamland: The Clockwork Goddess – by Wol-vriey


The American Queendoms of New York and Texas square off in this steampunk Bizarro extravaganza! When war erupts between Victoria Queen of Hearts and Her Majesty Mech-Anna, it sets them down a path of intrigue and violence that threatens to annihilate both dominions. With the help of Lord Busybody and his mechanical assistant Crank, Alice Sin – prostitute/assassin for hire – may be their only hope to restore peace and fulfill the United States prophecy. Many heads will roll along the way…

Rock and Roll Death Patrol – by Michael Allen Rose


What happens when all the genres of music personified do battle for the fate of humankind? A comic book style action-adventure rock and roll extravaganza!When Clear Channel Radio sends out the “Superfan Pulse” to turn all of their listeners into insane recruits for their clone army, it’s up to the Rock and Roll Death Patrol to set things right! Featuring: Gothkid, with the eerie and emotive powers of darkness; Metaldude, whose shredding can shatter walls; HipHopCalypse, the rapper whose words take on real forms; Riotgrrl, the punk-rock chick with mad tech skills and no boundaries. Along with their mentor Tonk, one of the original outlaw musical heroes, they must stop the pop soldiers before all culture is homogenized into eternal blandness

Liquid Status – by Bradley Sands


“This reads like what might happen if Freud and the Joker collaborated on a rewrite of Blake Butler’s There Is No Year. A weird and swerving book that nonetheless says a lot about the hidden dynamics of families.” – Brian Evenson, author of A Collapse of Horses

When grandmother dies and the front door disappears, one family will have to explore the inner dimensions of their house, themselves, and each other in order to find a way out. Bradley Sands’ novelette reimagines the idea that a house becomes a home, and instead asks what happens when a family becomes a house. Liquid Status is family drama reimagined as a surreal, existential nightmare.

Charge Land – by John Wayne Comunale


Jim Charge is in charge. He’s coming through the door with a big dick and a smile, and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it! In an attempt to outdo his overachieving father and grandfather he’s taken over the makeup counter of a local department store as his first step on the road to complete domination. With the help of his trusty Number 2, the disembodied head of a shoe salesman, and his never-ending wardrobe of designer suits he’s barreling through any and all adversaries who would dare to challenge his leadership. Not even the President of these fine United States can stand in the way of Jim Charge and his quest to one-up the Charge men who came before him. Put on your lipstick, spray some rose perfume and salute your new flag suckers! Welcome to Charge Land!

Body Building Spider Rangers: And Other Stories – by Charles Austin Muir


SEE! the Ipsissimus Arachnus, the wall-crawling, occult commando unit BEHOLD! the Catholic church which changes into an automaton GAZE! upon self-love via a meta, sci-fi epistolary GIRD YOUR LOINS! for Charles Austin Muir’s debut collection, an unfiltered and utterly gonzo mutation of short fiction. A satire of satire, Bodybuilding Spider Rangers and Other Stories will surprise even the most seasoned readers of the absurd.

“Highly satirical. Massively funny. Strangely positive.” –Jeff O’Brien, author of the BigBoobenstein series and Journey to the Center of the Flat Earth 

“A surreal and gorgeously sleazy military masterpiece; swollen with pop-culture references and jacked-up on steroids…” –Chris Kelso, author of The Black Dog Eats the City

The Full Howie – by Gareth K. Bennett


Nobody can be told what The Full Howie is. You have to see it for yourself. And that’s exactly what author Gareth K. Bennett invites you to do! This screenplay (a first for Rooster Republic) is about Phil and Apple. He’s a broken-hearted, straight-laced university student. She’s an aging prostitute with dreams of a better life. Together, they embark on a sexual encounter that changes both of their lives, forever. For fans of absurd, gross-out comedy, The Full Howie features black and white illustrations by Jim Agpalza. So, what are you waiting for?Jump right in…

“WTF did I just read? I could see the whole thing in my head. I want this to exist.” – Danger Slater, Wonderland Award-winning author of I Will Rot Without You, He Digs a Hole, Puppet Skin

“A gonzo sex-comedy that stuck with me well after reading it. Uniquely bizarre, and quite funny. Would be right at home on Adult Swim at one in the morning.” –Nicholas Day, Wonderland Award-nominated author of Now That We’re Alone, Necrosaurus Rex, At the End of the Day I Burst into Flames

Under The Shanghai Tunnels And Other Weird Tales – by Lee Widener


“In these stories you’ll discover legends, monsters, secret tunnels, and magical elves–along with some interesting true history. Widener has a way of combining the gritty and the whimsical, crafting tall tales that exude a streetwise wisdom and his own unique sense of humor. Imagine traditional fairy tales embellished by a wise-cracking favorite uncle, and you’re almost there.” – S.P. Miskowski, author of I Wish I Was Like You

“Reading Lee Widener is like listening to late-night radio: Uncanny, unpredictable, unusual, and apt to introduce you to your next favorite thing. The stories in Under the Shanghai Tunnels showcase Widener at his bizarro best, mashing up monster movies, Lovecraftian squick, and Dr. Demento-style pop weirdness. Pick it up and have a blast!” – Ross E. Lockhart Editor & Publisher, Word Horde Books

“Moody, atmospheric and dripping with dread, Lee Widener’s collection is not to be missed.” – Kate Jonez, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author

Someone Shot The Hip Young Conductor – Stories by Matthew Sunrich


Someone Shot the Hip, Young Conductor, Matthew Stephen Sunrich’s debut collection, is an ode to existential irreverence, absurdity, and surreal, Kafka-esque scenarios: universes collide; skeletons play jazz with gorillas; one-armed gravediggers; extremely courteous vampires; trains that wake the dead. And, of course, Picasso’s painting of Frankenstein’s monster. 19 stories that range from the bizarre to the extremely bizarre, brimming with dark humor and grotesque originality and just a dash of melancholy.

Flesh Made World – Daulton Dickey


“Daulton Dickey’s Flesh Made World is a glorious mindfuck. The eloquence of Dickey’s writing style consumed me like a drug, whisking me through time and space until I didn’t know whether to go mad or fall in love. I did both and more, thanks to his evocative voice and characterization. Entertainment aside, this book has also been a huge inspiration to me as an artist.” —Jessica McHugh, author of The Train Derails in Boston.

While grieving for their loved ones, they each must navigate a universe where time isn’t linear, where memories and fantasies collide, merging with reality. The dead haunt them, the world shifts and changes, and time disintegrates. Slipping in and out of the present, they relive moments from their past—and they never know when they’re in the present. As the shifts increasingly dominate their lives, as their grips on reality loosen, Sarah and Daulton struggle to find a way to orient themselves in the present, to escape the infinite loop of pain, suffering, and confusion. If they can’t find a way out, then will they be trapped in a kaleidoscope of torment and grief? An experimental novel about death, the nature of memories, and reality, Flesh Made World thrusts readers into a hallucinogenic universe where space and time constantly unravel.

Bad Hotel – Dustin Reade


The whole world is haunted. Ghosts and monsters are everywhere and it’s actually kind of irritating. So, two friends take it upon themselves to get rid of the ghosts and set the world right again, even though, they have no clue what they are doing. Like, at all. They set off on an adventure through a world of haunted donut shops, alien department stores, worm-riddled junkyards and possessed schoolhouses until they finally check into the Bad Hotel.

“Bad Hotel is a twisting, turning rabbit hole of a book, shimmering with surreal imagery and paranoia. Bring some drugs.” -David W. Barbee, author of Laser House on the Prairie 

John Wayne Lied To You – by John Wayne Comunale


A dozen stories! Each one truer than the last! John Wayne Comunale, Houston’s greatest Renaissance man and author of bizarro fiction, including: Aunt Poster (Eraserhead Press); Charge Land (Rooster Republic); and Porn Star Retirement Plan (New Kink Books); he has split his imagination like wet pine over and over again… …But! for this book, Comunale has forsaken his fertile imagination in order to give you the most bizarro kind of stories an author can tell: real, 100% true stories. John Wayne Lied To You: A Mostly True Account of the Adventures of a Modern Day Hero If you can’t live the adventure, then you can certainly read about it.

 Grudge Punk – by John McNee


Grudgehaven: “A city lost to the darkness, where acid rain drums on a hundred thousand corrugated iron rooftops and cold, mechanized eyeballs squint out of every filth-smeared window.” From the twisted mind of author John McNee come nine tales of brutality and betrayal from a city like no other. A granite detective has a date with destiny at a motel made of flesh. A severed hand is on a desperate mission to ruin somebody’s evening. While a mob war reaches its bloody climax, the Mayor is up to his neck in dead prostitutes. And Clockwork Joe? He just wants to be a real boy. Rooster Republic Press proudly presents the latest in dieselpunk-bizarro-horror-noir. This… …is GrudgePunk

Petroleum Precinct: Grudge Punk 2 – by John McNee


The King of Eyes is dead. Long live the King. The Grudge just ain’t what she used to be. In the aftermath of a bloody mob war, the city is without a kingpin, but not short of hoods spoiling to claim the title. Into the fray steps Lieutenant Sternhammer, of the reviled and corrupt Grudgehaven Police Department. His mission: rebuild the reputation of his fellow cops and re-establish their dominance in the eyes of the public. His target: the cunning and ruthless gangster, Chupa Junior. His battleground: Chupatown, the worst slum in the city. No easy task, even without all those other little complications, like headless jazz musicians, duplicitous pimps, a serial killer targeting gold-hearted women and whatever strange, powerful mystery lurks within the bowels of… PETROLEUM PRECINCT

4 Rooms In A Semi-Detached House – by Madeleine Swann


Aisha’s blood fizzed like an opened can. She was angry, but she also wanted to tell Sam that she too wanted to meet girls, that she in fact was a girl who would like to be met by Sam. The words stuck to her teeth as if saying them aloud meant too many things that she couldn’t deal with, not yet. Behind all that, though, was the fear of losing her grandmother’s things and therefore her grandmother. She couldn’t do it. She had to keep going. Then the screaming began.

Blood – by John Bruni


Brian Keene, author of PRESSURE and THE RISING, says about John Bruni, “Stylistically, he’s a blend of Edward Lee and Jeremy Robert Johnson.”

Mickey Scarlet is a man who, as a child, had a beast beaten into him by his father. As an adult he uses this beast to help him survive as a cop and later as an ex-convict, but that’s not easy when Lucifer Robinson offers to keep him on retainer for any number of illegal acts he needs performed. Mickey has no idea who is really in charge of this enterprise, but he finds himself lost in a phantasmagorical world filled with monsters and lowlifes while all he wants to do is find his estranged wife so he can finally meet his child.
John Bruni, author of POOR BASTARDS AND RICH FUCKS and DONG OF FRANKENSTEIN, brings us a horrifying tale about cycles of abuse and the horrors it creates.

Tales of Questionable Taste – by John Bruni


For fans of the bizarre, the weird, the strange, StrangeHouse Books brings you a whirlwind of eighteen tales sure to amuse, confuse, horrify and leave you questioning your lack of taste. From the warped synapses of John Bruni come stories of the destruction of earth, via a humongous totally nude man in space, a portal to another dimension inside of an office worker’s desk, a sordid love affair between two nefarious euthanasia enthusiasts, and many other yarns that span from psychological terror, to comedy, to downright disgusting!

Poor Bastards and Rich Fucks – by John Bruni


“John Bruni is a unique visionary, granting us entrance into a world that could exist just as easily decades from now as it could a week from tomorrow. The future he crafts for us in POOR BASTARDS AND RICH FUCKS is both surreal and surreptitiously familiar. His is a world where, regardless of how society advances, the human condition renders characters placated by apathy and disillusionment or excess and hedonism. POOR BASTARDS AND RICH FUCKS is your life, tangentially explored to ease your unease . . . but only a little. After all, it wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t squirm a little, would it?” – Kirk Jones, author of JOURNEY TO ABORTOSPHERE & UNCLE SAM’S CARNIVAL OF COPULATING INANIMALS

It is the year 2200. Richard Coppergate and the wealthiest citizens of the city, have gathered for their annual game: kidnap seven people the world wouldn’t miss–bums, prostitutes and the mentally ill–and turn them loose in the city with a mission to hunt and kill each other. The prize? One billion dollars. This year the stakes are personal. Two of the contestants are sons of the rich fucks. One of the contestants is a ringer. And one of the rich fucks likes hunting the contestants. Coppergate and his game have come to the attention of a revolutionary who lives off the grid and an outlaw journalist intent on bringing the whole thing crashing down. John Bruni, the author of TALES OF QUESTIONABLE TASTE, brings you POOR BASTARDS AND RICH FUCKS, the ultimate tale of the class struggle. Who will win? Who will die? Who are YOU going to place your bets on?

And Jesus Came Back  – by John Bruni


Brian Keene, author of The Rising and The Complex, says, “John Bruni is a nice kid. He’s one of the next generation that I like. He’s actually one of the people I like in this genre, and I don’t like anybody.”

Jesus Christ has returned. He sets to work right away healing the sick and infirm, but also returning youth to the aged. There are doubters, but one by one Jesus proves them wrong with the aid of his friend, farmer Joe MacDonald. There’s just one problem: Jesus isn’t who he says he is. He is actually an alien from a planet of ruthless killers, and he’s there to get everyone on earth to be in shape for slavery. John Bruni, the author of Dong of Frankenstein, Poor Bastards and Rich Fucks, and Tales of Questionable Taste returns to tell a tale of love, redemption, madness, loss, fear, faith and above all else, survival. 

NoFace – by Andre Duza


Erin Hopkins has a secret admirer.

It could be anyone… Her boyfriend Paul… Her strange new friend Lea… One of her classmates at the university…

Or maybe it’s the hooded figure with the ghastly smile that’s been haunting her dreams of late. The same one who saved her that night, one month ago, when she was nearly raped on her way home from work. As Erin struggles to put her life back together, she soon discovers a connection to the infamous federal research facility, the Koechner Institute, and to a blind, sword-wielding assassin born of clandestine government experimentation.

Something twisted has come to suburbia. And it has a few scores to settle.

Re-Animated States of America – by Craig Mullins and Andrew Ozkenel


Re-Animated States of America is a collection of short fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world, beautifully crafted by lifelong H.P. Lovecraft aficionado, award winning film maker and author Craig Mullins. RSoA is twelve stories all featuring beloved mythos character Herbert West, Re-Animator and his human-headed dog companion, Jehovah. Each story contains an illustration brought to life by Mullins’ long time artistic collaborator Andrew Ozkenel in striking black and white. This collection includes: Mind Over Madness: Herbert West comes face to face with the ultimate embodiment of mind-altering madness, while the world he left behind falls into ruin. The Key to what the Locksmith Saw: A random encounter with a mysterious three-eyed mutant leads to a discovery that sends Herbert and Jehovah traveling across oceans of space and time. Sheet Metal Apocalypse: Nature finds a way to reanimate the dead, and Herbert West wants the secret, but the newly-risen tyranny is hellbent on destroying Herbert and Jehovah before they can discover the truth. Through Eyes of Rot: A tribe from a valley lost since the dawn of time revive their leader, a being older than creation; a being who can speak to the gods; a being whose rebirth means certain war. Plus eight more mind-bending tales of post-apocalyptic landscapes and Lovecraftian monstrosities!

King Dollar – by Andre Duza


For as long as he could remember, Jaime Cole dreamed of being a Hollywood screenwriter. He thought his job as an editor for an Internet conglomerate that deals in everything from viral videos to pay-per-view porn would be a springboard to the legitimate side of the entertainment business.

He thought wrong.

Welcome to the dark side of the biz. Home of broken dreams, porn star meltdowns, tabloid reporters, homicidal ghosts, and a legendary Voodoo Drug Lord known as King Dollar.

Haunted by disembodied things intent on driving him mad, Jaime must find the connection between a mysterious banned video clip, and the legendary drug lord before there’s nothing left of him but teeth marks on chewed flesh.

King Dollar is a gritty, urban adrenaline punch of paranormal cult-horror by Andre Duza, author of Jesus Freaks and Technicolor Terrorists.

Chainsaw Cop Corpse – by Wol-vriey


Simon is having a BAD week. When you’re a D.C. Detective, every week is a bad week, but this week has been a BAD week.

For starters, some psychopath has been murdering people, stealing their body parts and smearing their corpses with peanut butter.

To make matters worse, the contract killer “Boots” has recently resurfaced, and his girlfriend’s chainsaw arm destroyed his bed when he made her climax.

To top it all off, he’s been peeing random body parts for days. Ears, fingers, toes… And if that weren’t bad enough, now he really has to take a dump!

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