Bookmarks! and What’s Ahead in 2021

Not a whole lot to update for today, but we did want to show off the new card stock for our Rooster Republic bookmarks. Earlier this year, we showed off a prototype bookmark on a solid black card stock, but we opted for something a little flashier, with a nice grain that really captures direct light. Here you go:

(apologies for less-than-stellar photos, but the office is in the middle of a move and there’s simply not too many good places to take pics right now!)

Out of direct light, the appearance is quite dark

There was some back and forth about adding things like company name or email address and we settled on a subtle debossing, which felt right to us; more important to have a nice-looking bookmark than an advert, we decided. And the die-cut design looks great sticking out of the top of a book!

Right now, these bookmarks are only being included with deluxe, numbered editions of our hardcovers, however, we may make limited stock available for retail in the future.

So, what is ahead in 2021? Well, we are still toiling away on OCTOBER ANIMALS and PULP TRASH and expect that these will become available in Fall 2021. We are shooting for September. PULP TRASH may (or may not?) get a name change before then.

April will be a relatively quiet month for news, but very busy in terms of production. Lots of projects going on, right now. Prep for 2022 and 2023 is already well under way.

May will be a big news month, we think. Items to discuss, chiefly, will be the upcoming Strangehouse anthology and Bizarro Pulp Press submissions for 2022. There are other “things” we plan to divulge, but we are not yet certain whether we will make these announcements sooner or later. People’s excitement and expectations can hold out for only so long, after all.

Announcements for OCTOBER ANIMALS and PULP TRASH pre-orders are forthcoming. Dates for those should be made available by the end of April. Hopefully, in the next week or two, we will have some cover art to show off for both titles!

In the meantime, our standard hardcover of QUEEN OF TEETH is still available for pre-order.

QUEEN OF TEETH hardcover edition (U.S. residents only)

This 198-page hardcover is 6×9 and sports a dust jacket with gloss finish. Cover art and interior art are exclusive to this particular release. Only available from Rooster Republic.


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