Another Strangehouse Anthology By Women of Horror? Yes, Please.

Way back in the BEFORE TIMES, during the Fall of 2018, we announced NOT ALL MONSTERS: A Strangehouse Anthology By Women of Horror.

The book was released in 2020 and, in 2021, NOT ALL MONSTERS is officially a Bram Stoker Awards® nominee for “Superior Achievement in an Anthology” and you can check out all the nominees HERE. The anthology was edited by Stoker Award-winner, Sara Tantlinger, whose CRADLELAND OF PARASITES is also a Bram Stoker Awards® finalist in the “Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection” category.

Well… consider this post a semi-official warning:

Rooster Republic Press and Sara Tantlinger are gearing up for Volume 2 of A STRANGEHOUSE ANTHOLOGY BY WOMEN OF HORROR. Expect a more in-depth article that details the new theme and submission information on Monday, May 3rd!


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