All Hail The House Gods should be on your radar, says LitReactor

One of Rooster Republic’s summer titles just got a little shout out over at LitReactor (courtesy of Gabino Iglesias) and we couldn’t be happier. Andrew James Stone’s sophomore effort, All Hail The House Gods, is an anxious little page-turner and a very interesting spin on the dystopian science-fiction narrative.

AHtHG cover

Houses that devour children? A civilization willing to sacrifice their young in order to avoid war? Government oversight in the bedroom? Stone sees the future as a kind of procreation buffet, wherein the idea that “what you own, owns you” has mutated into “what you can’t afford will eat you alive.”

It’s a solid entry, and after reading this, you’ll likely be eagerly anticipating Stone’s next work.

And if you’re intrigued, then check out Stone’s previous release with us, The Mortuary Monster.

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