All Authors and Stories Featured in TWO-THOUSAND WORD TERRORS; Cover Reveal and Pre-order for AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES; Hailey Piper’s THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW

Today is Monday, January 9th, and it’s a big day for announcements! Lots of authors and titles and a look at a full dust jacket wrap, a pre-order, and an acquisition. Let’s dive in, shall we?


We are wrapping up some key art for the project, along with the “table of contents,” and both of those will appear together in an article at the end of this month. Today, however, we share with you a complete list of all the authors and their respective story titles. Each of these will appear as a standalone post here on the Rooster Republic website, starting Monday, February 6th and continuing every Monday until December 11th.

Without further ado and in no particular order:

Jennifer Lee Rossman “Knead”

Ash Vogler “A Shadow Walks Down the Street”

Alyssia Gonzalez “Art Night”

John Leahy “The Flight of Ethan Bosch”

Nu Yang “Bad Guys Wear Black”

Roni Stinger “Go, Marge, Go”

Jamie Churchman “Taken Too Soon”

Thomas Joyce “Something in the Water”

Christine Makepeace “Bound by Duty”

Angela Sylvaine “Nice Day for a Carpool”

Deborah Davitt “I’m Not Scared”

Stephen Kozeniewski “The Blood-Red Lake”

J.B. Rockwell “Ravenous”

Kevin Folliard “Knife Salesman”

Ariana Ferrante “The Grove Men”

Eddie Generous “Two Humps and a Thump”

Melissa Pleckham “The Lady with the Backwards Head”

Shelley Lavigne “The Song of the Woods”

Patrick Barb “Head Games”

Robert Francis “Beast in Show”

KC Grifant “Just Another Apocalypse”

Lauren Carter “The Sacrifices We Make”

Jen Mierisch “Roots”

Avra Margariti “Girls Just Want to Eat”

KT Wagner “A Harrowing Beyond the Furrows”

Owen Loftus “Hope of Extrication”

Alisha Galvan “The Longest Mile”

Ruthann Jagge “Summer of a Soul”

Maxwell Gold “The Greatest Trick of All”

Emma Kathryn “Overgrown”

Nathaniel Phillips “The Statistical Likelihood of Recent Events”

Andrés Manuel Menéndez Cruz “The Sound of Shattering Bones”

Tim O’Neal “The Night Zack Willoughby Died”

Therese Arkenberg “Ghostwitch”

Kurt Newton “Celeste”

Rex Burrows “The Molt”

Barry Charman “A Mask Made of Water”

Daniel R. Robichaud “Tree Well”

RJ Meldrum “Dead Water”

Rowan Hill “Doppelgänger”

Buzz Dixon “Transcript of Last Live Stream from SS Amphitrite October 3, 202X”

Laurel Hightower “Fade to Black”

Carson Fredriksen “The Walking Man”

Eve Morton “Motherhood’s Mite”

Karen Ovér “Silver Bess”

Congratulations to all these authors! We can’t wait to show you their stories. 2022 was a hard year, and by the looks of it, 2023 won’t be any easier going, so we thought it would be nice to give readers a brand-new horror anthology for free, with a new story featuring new art every week for almost the entire year. We hope you let us know what you think of our little experiment!


Rooster Republic Press is reprinting Nicholas Day’s AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES in 2023. A signed hardcover edition is now available for pre-order, and the paperback should go live in March. The signed hardcover retails for $36 (incl. shipping/handling). Production will be limited to 50 copies. Here is the full dust jacket, designed by Don Noble:

A wonderfully executed, simple design that captures the spirit of the book. The reprint also includes a new introduction from poet Sara Tantlinger.

For those unfamiliar with the book, here’s a brief synopsis:

Firecracker knows the end is near. The fire is coming, just like it came for his father, his grandfather, and who knows how many men. When it happened to his father, the doctors only called it an accident. But Firecracker’s mother had a name for it: spontaneous combustion.

From the first line of the tale that sees his eyes explode to–moments and pages later–his whole body being consumed by flame, Firecracker experiences his life and loves through a succession of memories, reveals his friendship with Death, and talks about the men in his family’s unfortunate predisposition. This is a yarn about life and death and spontaneous human combustion. This is a tale of a man with a fire inside him.

AT THE END OF THE DAY I BURST INTO FLAMES is a horror story about how beautiful love can be.

We look forward to FLAMES engulfing new readers in 2023. You can pre-order here:




This signed, hardcover edition is 6×9 inches and features a glossy dust jacket. Limited to 50 units. Will begin shipping in March 2023.


Last, but certainly not least: THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW

Last year, we acquired reprint rights to Hailey Piper’s THE POSSESSION OF NATALIE GLASGOW. We loved working with Hailey on QUEEN OF TEETH and are pleased to be revisiting her and her work in 2023. Production is still in early stages, and we expect to be able to divulge more details during the summer months. However, similar to previous releases, the plan is to offer a limited hardcover that will be followed by a paperback release. Hardcover pre-orders will likely open up in Q4 of 2023 and will ship early 2024. The paperback should go live in late summer or early fall of 2024.


Well, we think that is quite enough for today!

Later this month, we will reveal some key art for our online horror anthology, TWO-THOUSAND WORD TERRORS, as well as publish the full table of contents (which will link to stories as they go live on the site). The first OCTOBER ANIMALS slipcases are close to wrapping production, and we plan on showing off the final product as soon as we are able.

Here’s to a productive 2023, folks!

And remember…

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