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Hey there, we just wanted to kick off the week by saying “Thank you!” from the bottom of our hearts for supporting NOT ALL MONSTERS (in a BIG way) since the special editions became available last Wednesday.

One of our goals, leading up to 2026, is to cut the Amazon umbilical, and to sell almost exclusively through our own channels. While Amazon will still be a part of sales, it will become diminished as far as our street dates are concerned, and titles will likely hit the platform well after the books have been available through us. These initial sales of the special edition hardcover and paperback of NOT ALL MONSTERS, and our earlier success with the limited edition hardcover of THE DEVIL’S DREAMLAND (in early 2019) have shown us that this goal is certainly within our reach.

Again, many thanks to all who have picked up NOT ALL MONSTERS or plan on picking it up in the future.

Copies should begin shipping this week. We look forward to hearing what folks think of this beast of a book!

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