Four New Cover Art Pieces

Last week was marked by some type of cold/flu that wouldn’t quit, so Friday night, not being able to sleep and with a bottle of Nyquil at my side, I distracted myself by making some pre-made covers. I wanted to try some different approaches with these, all but one (The Fury) are new takes. I try to keep things fresh each week by introducing different variations, partly for fun, partly to keep from exhausting one particular out.

Each piece is $100 and can be expanded to a print jacket for $25 extra. If you’d like to know more about services, navigate to the site menu to Design Services or click HERE.

Don Noble is an artist and writer for Rooster Republic Press. He is the author of Beer Run of the Dead and Scary Fucking Stories, an animator, and is still pretty new to twitter. You can find him at-

Or email us at

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